Global Sourcing

Budge Industries decided decades ago that a function as important as global sourcing should not, in itself, be out-sourced to another company.

We feel more comfortable retaining governance of this extraordinarily complicated mission-critical process and take great pride in retaining complete control and responsibility of all business decisions associated with optimizing the benefits and minimizing the risk of seeking goods and services in foreign countries.

Our in-house team of global sourcing experts, boasting 50+ combined years of experience, serves as the cornerstone of our strategies to develop strong alliances with worldwide suppliers who meet our standards and demonstrate responsible business practices. At any given moment, the Budge team is managing or exploring future business interests with approximately 50 overseas vendors and partners, levering their knowledge skills in consultation with a few trusted on-the-ground consultants.

Here are just a few of the standards that we set for ourselves as we maintain our highly efficient global supply chain.

  • Budge Industries only develops relationships with vendors who follow workplace standards and business practices consistent with our own values and policies as well as meeting world-class established standards.
  • Budge Industries management personally meets with the principals and performs an on-site facility assessment of all potential vendors when evaluating a business relationship.
  • Budge Industries insists on frequent factory tours of selected vendors, including pre-production and random inspections conducted by trained assessors.
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Dynamic container loading

Ensures that hundreds of freight containers carrying our offshore-sourced materials and products are always on the water and never more than three weeks away from reaching Budge Industries' warehouse and distribution facilities in Henderson, Kentucky.

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The culture at Budge Industries

Is one of continuous improvement directed at all processes, including global sourcing activities. We are proud to meet the internationally recognized quality management system standard, signifying that our quality management standards meet rigorous industry requirements ensuring consistently good quality products and services.

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