Management Team

Charles Simon, President

Charles joined Budge Industries in 1989 as Partner and President, following acquisition from the Company's original founders, Buddy and George (Budge). He knows what it takes to keep a business moving in the right direction. During his tenure at Budge spanning more than two decades, Charles' uncanny business acumen, hands-on involvement in global sourcing, and talents for empowering team members and driving results has guided Budge to the forefront of the protective covers industry-and kept Budge there. Prior to joining Budge, Charles held positions in which he had responsibilities for sales, product design, manufacturing and IT resource planning and deployment. He is a graduate of University of Miami, where he studied Business Management and Data Processing. Married to his beloved wife, Lucia, for 35 years, Charles has been blessed with three wonderful sons, two outstanding daughters in law, and one amazing grandson. He enjoys golf in his spare time.

Jim Thompson, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer

Jim is a results-oriented seasoned senior financial and operations professional with a stellar track record of success in making decisions that positively impact business growth and maximize profits. Among many exceptional skills, Jim is adept in identifying business strengths and weaknesses, practical process improvements, cost reductions and maximizing staff efficiencies. Before joining Budge Industries in 2008, Jim held senior positions at various privately owned and national firms in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. During his first year at Budge, Jim reduced overall general and administrative costs by approximately 10 percent and, with 18 months, was successful in reducing the Company's line of credit to zero, negotiating new three-year line of credit that included reduction in covenants and personal guarantees. Jim earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from La Salle University in Philadelphia and is a Certified Public Accountant in the State of Pennsylvania. Jim has been married 27 years and has three wonderful grown daughters. He enjoys biking, hiking, kayaking, and other outdoor activities. Several years ago he gave up golf to participate in marathons and now regularly runs 20-30 miles per week. A former Eucharistic minister, Jim is also very active in church.

Tom Bagby, Senior Vice President, Operations

Tom joined Budge Industries in 1992 as Plant Manager, overseeing the Company's multiple manufacturing and distribution facilities in Pennsylvania, Alabama and Kentucky, where all manufacturing and distribution activities were consolidated in 1998. In 2000, he was promoted to Vice President of Operations. Tom also serves as Budge's lead coordinator for International Organization for Standardization (ISO), having led the charge for Budge's 1998 achievement of ISO 9001:2008 certification, signifying that Budge's quality management standards meet rigorous industry requirements ensuring consistently good quality products and services. Tom was also very instrumental in the 2011 implementation of Budge's integrated and automated Warehouse Management System (WMS) that delivers real-time automation to our manufacturing and distribution operations. Tom's excellent team building skills have helped Budge handle growth challenges over the years. He serves as a Life Coach to youth, is active in his church, elder and other outreach activities.

Donald Grasty, Plant Manager

Donald had the pleasure of working for Buddy and George (Budge), the Company's original owners and has been a valued Budge team member since 1988. A Philadelphia native, he headed Budge's original plant operations in Telford, Pennsylvania, until national expansion in the early 1990's led Budge to secure a centrally located facility in Henderson, Kentucky, where Donald currently resides. An excellent motivator and leader of people, Donald has been instrumental in leading Budge's manufacturing / distribution employees through the numerous changes over the years from an enhanced packing line to an automated Warehouse Management System (WMS). His efforts helped Budge achieve 48-hour order turnaround time. He has overseen growth from a 25,000-square-foot facility to a 75,000+-square-foot-facility and Budge's product offering expand from about 200 SKUs in the warehouse in the early 2000s to over 1,000 SKUs today. Donald is very active in the community and his church.

The Faces of Budge

president Charles Simon, President
president Tom Bagby, Senior Vice President, Operations