Success Stories

At Budge Industries, We love to hear from our customers.

Direct feedback helps us to determine what we are doing well and ways that our products can be further improved.

5 stars review
A.S., San Diego, California
“Last April I purchased a Premier car cover from the Car Quest store near my house. The cover was for a 1988 Cadillac El Dorado that would be "stored" outside for an undetermined length of time. In looking at the composition of the car cover, I was not real sure how well it would hold up in the "elements" for a long length of time. I washed and waxed the car, and put the car cover on. Since that time we have more rain here in San Diego than ever before in the past 73 years."

“Late last week I removed the car cover and was TOTALLY AMAZED at the car. It looked EXACTLY like it did when I covered it last April. Not one mote of dust, dirt and absolutely no wet spots were on in it from all the rain we have had. This is THE BEST car cover I have ever had. On a trip to Car Quest this past weekend I mentioned to the clerk how wonderful this car cover is. Another customer standing at another cash register overheard the conversation and asked me which cover it was. I walked him over to the "car cover aisle" and he actually purchased a cover."

“Attached are two pictures of the car as it looked when I uncovered it last week. I wanted you to see how beautiful it looks, even after nine months, including some of the wettest, worst weather San Diego has ever had.”

Our Word is Our Bond

It shouldn’t take a customer by surprise when a company stands behind a product warranty. When the Pacific Northwest weather managed to breech the integrity of one of our car covers, of course we readily agreed to replace the product under the terms of the warranty. Wrote the delighted customer:

5 stars review

"Thank you so much for the quick reply. I’m waiting for a dry day so the cover will dry. Then I will ship it to you as per your instructions. Didn’t know there were still companies with your kind of integrity."

- H.M., Washington
5 stars review
Cold Snap Solution
A Florida homeowner found an interesting application for Budge Lite car covers, which are made of lightweight spun-bonded polypropylene material. He used them to protect his six Palm trees during a cold snap. “We are in our 11th day of freezing weather…and the palms are doing well!” reported the happy customer.
5 stars review
Road Wrap by Budge
“This product is exactly what I was looking for. The film is a lot thicker and more durable than I expected. It’s great for that protection on my hood, front bumper and mirrors on those long drives. I also use it on track days to help protect against all that burnt rubber on my quarter panels. I highly recommend this product and wish I would have found it years ago!”
- Ford Mustang Owner
5 stars review
Class A RV Cover by Budge
“The coach stayed clean parked under the trees. The interior did not become unbearably hot under the Florida sun. With the many zippered sections available, it was not difficult to obtain access to any of our compartments or the main door. It sure beats any other method we have tried to protect our RVs.”
- Class A RV Owner
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